Testimonials – Bio Gold New Zealand

"Bio Gold's Supercharge® has genuinely changed my life. I’m pretty good at getting sick - any cold I  get knocks me down and it’s over a week before I get back on my feet again. I’m sick all winter long every winter. I get colds even when no one around me is sick. But since I’ve been taking the pine pollen tincture I barely get sick anymore and what’s more exciting - I get mild colds when I do. It’s the first time I’ve had a mild cold that doesn’t knock me on my ass in about 7 years."

Vashti F.

Wellington, New Zealand

"Since I first meet Carl many years ago at Victoria University, he has been very diligent and passionate about Pine Pollen , resulting in my interest and belief in his work. Knowing that it is resourced and produced in NZ was a huge positive to me . I have been using bio gold Pine pollen for 7 months now and I can not recommend it enough. It has been great for my overall stamina, increased libido and general well-being. Bio Gold Pine pollen will be a essential part of my health care plan for the future."

Don N.

Wellington, New Zealand

"With cycling 5 days on and 2 days off I’m experiencing increased energy and an improved sense of well-being. Also, the handwritten note enclosed was a nice touch."

Murray E.

Northland, New Zealand

A few days after starting to take pine pollen, my joints felt looser and stronger and I had more energy. It really helped me get back into my running."

Steve C. 

Wellington, New Zealand

"One of the best supplements I've tried, works great as a pre workout or non stim alternative to coffee." 

Christopher D. 

Wellington, New Zealand

I had the opportunity to use this Pine Pollen liquid extract year when I was going through quite a stressful period and now I’ve had time to reflect on it, I realize the benefits were far more than I initially thought, in terms of increased energy, resilience and overall sense of wellbeing all improved."

Martin S. 

Otaki, New Zealand

"Amazing product!! So much great feedback from the samples I have shared with friends and family."

Kayla A-G.

New Zealand

"Beautiful pollen - enhancing my well-being. Totally recommend trying this elixir of paradise."

Gina E.

New Zealand

"I highly rate this product. As a man over 40 2mls before the gym is 👌".

Justin S.

Auckland, New Zealand

"I had this pine pollen on a cake and it was amazing to use as a topping, so versatile!"

Jade W. 

New Zealand

"This product definitely gives you more energy and you feel better overall."

Mark M.

Auckland, New Zealand

"Great product and an epic team".

Mathew B. 

New Zealand

"Awesome nutritional boost to my morning cup of tea."

Max F.

New Zealand

"This stuff is out the gate!"

Jeremy W. 

New Zealand

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