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Bio Oil Review

Have been using bio oil for nearly three weeks now and am enjoying the benefits. I feel a lot more attentive during the day. I believe I can feel the difference down there also (don't currently have a partner) but bloodflow seems better! Have only been using .75ml to 1ml twice a day which seems to be making a difference!
Will be buying a bigger bottle soon! Thanks!

Find your Mojo!

Bio Gold is the real S***. It's a great supplement to help get through the daily grind, but also ensure you still have a spring in your step once your home. It can't replace a good night's sleep however, if you didn't get one, trust in this gem to get you through.

This skeptic is convinced

When a friend recommended Bio Gold I must admit I was skeptical at first - until he listed the benefits he and many others had experienced. Better focus, generally sharper, with more energy - all areas I really needed some help with.
A pollen product seemed counter-intuitive as well, as hay fever has been escalating over the years - but I'm a curious soul so thought I'd give it a shot.
It's week three now and I'm living the benefits every day. With ADHD, I've always struggled with focus and consistent attention and I'm now finding it much easier to achieve tasks through to completion in one sitting. I haven't experienced 'commencement paralysis' for at least a week and I'm just feeling more balanced. Also my quality of sleep has improved.
So yes, I would definitely recommend this for relatively healthy folk who just need an alignment of sorts.

Still early days but definitely helps out for sure

Lift in Performance 110%

I was a non-believer on anything that involves hyped up performance anything but after using "Boi Gold" for over three weeks now, I have notice changers within my body that used to worry me but not anymore, my sleeping patterns we're all out, I now sleep right up to my alarm going off, also something that hasn't happened for over 30 years is waking up with "Morning Glory" which after all these years I thought was a myth. I'm now 55+ and loving life........
So thank you team.

Amazing Liquid

I am well satisfied with this product as I really felt energised 🤗

Great product

Super excited to carry on with pine pollen. Bought a smaller tincture first, would recommend going larger for price /longevity ect. Feel great and looking forward to seeing what improvements carry forward with longer usage :)

Gives me energy and helps me sleep

Yeah I’ve been taking the bio pollen and still giving it a run been feeling good on the muscle recovery and energy levels so I’ll keep going and give it another shot

Highly recommend! Supercharge liquid helped me feel better after being run down. It somehow gave me more energy throughout the day, but also helped me sleep at night 😊 I have just ordered more!

Be open minded

I was a bit sceptical about the pollen but once I tried it what a difference it certainly worked for me in all aspects. Going to try the powder next. The only down fall is it's a little expensive if your on the lower income bracket

Wow it worked

Man this product seemed to of worked awesome, loved it, be buying more


Is that thumping in my veins because I'm 20 years younger?

58 years old. Had been training hard in the gym, and sport and thought I would try this for recovery. Most noticeable was my strength increase, and definitely gains in muscle size. Just bought my second bottle to see if I get similar results.

Great product, helps me sleep and gives me energy in the day

Great product

This has given me my energy back after being ill and run down, I have also been sleeping so well since starting to take Bio Gold

Pollen extract

Really good, noticed higher energy levels and less tiredness. Also improved mental clarity

I’m 45 years old and still take other supplements such as maca, super miraforte, vitamin C etc everyday before I took pine pollen. I feel liquid pine pollen brings out the best of what I believe those supplements did to me when I first took them. I take my first dose in the morning of .25 - .50mls no breakfast, just sea salt and a glass of distilled water from my spring flow distiller. I finish that glass and I get a lemon from out back and squeeze it into a glass of distilled water. Breakfast done. Gym afterwards. After gym I take my shoes and socks off to ground on grass at park. Next another dose of .25 -.50mls, afterwards 1st meal (brunch). Once a day supplements taken after or during meal. I take the last & same dose of the day hours later.
I took a blood test for Testosterone levels and it came out normal/average, Not low or below average. I don’t think I’ll get higher results in terms of testosterone levels unless I inject testosterone.
Liquid pine pollen has helped me maintain a steady and average T level.

Two weeks in

Easy to use has a nice warming feeling under tongue still early days but have noticed a difference in sleep patterns and in how I am feeling in general AAA

I find it good even helps getting the old fella up to

Thus product has helped with Fibromyalgia joint pain and definitely a good night's sleep

It really works

Brilliant product that really does raise energy levels, it gives me a great kick but not like a coffee kick, it is a stable energy boost which feels way more natural. Cannot talk to the labido benefits as that area is all fine. I have only been taking for a couple of weeks but feeling more positive and have some really euphoric high moments, not sure if it is all down to this but it is certainly doing something!

Absolute game changer . Feel like a teenager again.
Pine Pollen Supercharge provides clarity , focus and essentially brings back my youth ! Great for energy boost pre-workout too and also assists with recovery and have noticed this after my ‘9 rounds’ sessions . My partner has also noticed a huge improvement in my stamina …
Love this stuff !