Pine Pollen Is Your Secret Weapon For A Legendary Performance.

With Bio Gold Pine Pollen, the only thing going ā€œdownā€ after sunset is the sun šŸ˜‰

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A Natural Hit: Unleash the Power of Pine Pollen

Our Bio Gold SuperchargeĀ® isn't just any supplement. It's your daily partner for that upstanding perforMANce. Packed with over 200+ natural biomolecules, it's a cocktail of pure energy ready to be absorbed by your body.

These biomolecules include:


Pine Pollen uniquely replicates the naturally occurring hormones in humans. This can dramatically improve energy levels, amplify muscle growth, and boost mood, supporting a more robust and active lifestyle.

Enzymes & Flavonoids

These components assist in better nutrient absorption and digestion while combating oxidative stress. This synergy results in improved energy levels, better recovery, and heightened overall health.

Vitamins & Minerals

These micro-nutrients play a crucial role in numerous metabolic processes in the body, including energy production. This not only fortifies your immune system but ensures your body functions at its peak, offering enhanced endurance and performance (particularly important for athletic performances on the field and in the bedroom).

Amino Acids

Often referred to as the bodyā€™s protein building blocks, these contribute to muscle repair, growth, and overall performance. They also play a vital role in neurotransmitter regulation, which basically means you donā€™t just feel stronger - you feel more energetic and uplifted.

The real magic happens when this unique blend is absorbed into your bloodstream, providing your body cells with vital nutrients required for peak performance.

The result?

Not just a fleeting burst of energy, but a sustained enhancement in vitality and endurance, or as we like to put it, legendary performance.

Experience The ā€œKickā€ Of Pine Pollenā€™s Bio-Identical Hormones

Ready to seize the day like you did in your early twenties? Weā€™ve got you covered. The bio-identical hormone composition found in our pine pollen mimics the hormone found in human blood, promising a surge of vitality, cognitive functions, and skin resilience - all naturally, of course.

Redefine Your Strength, Endurance, And Vitality

Feel like a new man as you step into the gym, the office or the bedroom with Bio Gold SuperchargeĀ®. Our Pine Pollen extract doesn't just spike your energy - it sends it soaring. From muscle repair and growth to neurotransmitter regulation, the nutrients in our products work together to enhance your overall well-being - from energy, to strength, to performance. Throw away that blue pill. You wonā€™t need it!

The Magic Of Ancient Wisdom Combined With The Precision Of Modern Kiwi Science

With Bio Gold SuperchargeĀ®, you get to experience the best of both worlds. Ancient, 3000-year-old-wisdom of China paired with cutting-edge modern-day Kiwi science. This mix of old and new has enabled us to harness the full potential of Pine Pollen to boost your performance, strength, energy, and well-being.

How do you take it?

Just a few drops under the tongue, and you're all set. We've harnessed the benefits of 100% pure South Island-sourced pine pollen and packaged them in an easy-to-use form, ready for your use whenever, and wherever.

Our Promise: A (Legally) Performance-Enhancing Experience

We stand behind our products and truly want you to feel the power of pine pollen. With free shipping within New Zealand and a 30-day 100% money-back promise, your investment in Bio Gold SuperchargeĀ® isn't just about guaranteed wellness, but an effective pathway to heightened vitality.

Buckle up lads - with Bio Gold SuperchargeĀ®, you're in for a wild ride.

Pine Pollen SuperchargeĀ® Liquid Extract

Elevate your lifestyle with Bio Gold Supercharge. 100% free shipping and money-back guarantee. What are you waiting for?

Join the ranks of Kiwi men reaping the rewards of Pine Pollen today:


Hear what some of our legendary customers have to say about their performance on Pine Pollen:

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Having used the pine pollen tincture for some 3 months now - no question, BioGold is a rock star product. Truly a pick me up, stamina and performance enhancer, wellness deliverer and the plant-based testosterone has definitely assisted my very noticeable gains in muscle mass. I'm 59 and feel 10 years younger. Zero chance of anything else removing BioGold off my bathroom cabinet shelf!

Dean S., Auckland

"I was blown away by the results. Not only did I experience a significant increase in energy and focus throughout the day, but I also noticed improvements in my sleep quality and overall sense of well-being. But the benefits didn't stop there - I also noticed a marked improvement in my ****** function and libido. I can't believe how much of a difference this has made in my daily life. Overall, I highly recommend this pine pollen product to anyone looking to boost their energy, sleep, and ****** function.

Lyle, Christchurch

I really didn't know what to expect when I ordered this. I saw a random ad pop up from a morning show. I like that it was a natural product and thought I'd give it a go. I have definitely been pleasantly surprised. I take it during my work day and it really seems to aid my focus and give me a boost. I have grown to really enjoy the sensation and taste. As for libido and function in that department. Boing! There have definitely been improvements down there. I will definitely re purchase.

Gus, Canterbury

While anecdotal, the significant change I've noticed from starting taking Bio Gold is the speed of recovery from exercise. At 55yrs, muscle does not respond in the same way to weights and lifting. It would take 3-4 days between sessions to recover. Now I'm able to do weight-based exercises every 2nd day. It's a win-win with burning fat, building muscle, sleeping better and overall tone/condition. Still surfing my short board and no muscle fatigue afterwards - magic!

Greg C, Tauranga

Really happy with the results of the tincture, and customer service is excellent!

Ben, Tauranga

I thought I would buy the small bottle just to see what it was like and after a week both my wife and I felt at least 50% better in all ways have now ordered a bigger bottle as it lives up to what it says great product and have told a lot of our friends about this product thanks for making it .

Michael, Kaiapoi

New Zealandā€™s largest pine pollen supplier, supported by:

Pine Pollen SuperchargeĀ® Liquid Extract

Supercharge your system with our pine pollen liquid extract. This high strength concentrate (tincture) maximises the bioavailability and absorption of the plant-based testosterone contained naturally in pine pollen.

  • Supports energy levels & vitality
  • Supports muscle growth, mass & strength
  • Supports libido & blood flow
  • Supports sport & exercise performance
  • Powerful pre workout
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